Şahinler Group Energy / Parking Violation Detection

Ensuring Order in the parking lot!

Our parking violation detection systems help organize parking lots and other urban areas by detecting license plates in no-parking. This is done wit the use of a high-resolution Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera and an imbedded processing unit. These components provide the system with continuous detection capabilities of an area with a radius of 75 meters.

The system automatically detects vehicles parking in no-parking zones and vehicles, violating vehicles’ data is automatically transmitted to the PLATURK software package running in traffic centers, these data include general data (time, date, location) and vehicle specific data (Vehicle brand, color, type). Additionally, the system is capable of transmitting traffic tickets for review and approval by traffic operators.

System Architecture

  • 75 Meter-Radius Area of Detection
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Remote access
  • Violation Detection of up to 32 Parking spaces
  • High-Definition Recording
  • Automatic Issuing of traffic tickets
  • Quick setup
  • User-Controlled Detection Timings for overdue parking