Şahinler Group Energy / Red Light Violation Detection Systems

An Innovation
Produced to Stop
the Unstoppable!

Our Red-Light Violation Detection Systems detect vehicles violating the rules at lights. The system contributes to the increase of traffic safety by minimizing the accidents that occur due to violations at the intersections with the signal.

Our Red-Light Violation Detection Systems helps boost traffic safety by reducing red-light violation related accidents.
The system collects several types of data of violating vehicles (vehicle color, brand and type) in addition to license plate information and transmits them to the PLATURK software package. The system is also capable of automatic ticket issuing and transmission to traffic operators for review and approval.

System Architecture

  • Integrated License Plate Recognition Unit
  • High-Definition Video Recording
  • 24/7 Red Light Violation Detection
  • Network failure backup with the use of data storage
  • Night Vision with IR LED
  • P66, IK10, and NEMA 4x Certified Casing
  • Data transmission to the Central Server via FTP
  • Wide Angle Camera
  • High Power Flash
  • Virtual Loop Detector
  • Lane-Based Red Light Violation Detection
  • Remote access
  • Automatic Shutdown in the case of a signalization failure
  • Automatic Shutdown for traffic police management
  • Automatic Ticket Issuing